Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a Year it's been!

A month since I blogged, oops, how did that happen? 2007 has flown by much too fast for my liking.

Ok, catch up in point form.


  • Shawl moving slowly, 3 rows forward, 2 rows back.

  • Back to school vest - 70% done, work on it at knitting group only

  • Koolhaas - I screwed it up row one of chart...5 times, frill! Will try again soon, I CAN do this! :)

  • Did first felting - bag with duplicate stitch skully. Too fun! :)
  • Got Knitpicks Option set, OMG best ever needles, love them!

  • You Snag wristies on needles for mindless knitting over the next night or two.

  • Started my first sock, its for mum's bday :) See isn't that Ranco 499 pretty!

Personal life

  • Dec 13th - Paul had heartattack, 20th surgery, today he was home!!

  • Dec 13th Pam had baby - Sam Michael Anthony Clatworthy

  • Xmas sombre affair with Paul in hospital, Joe and Karen joined us at Mum's for a dinner on Xmas Eve.

  • Ethan and I had Brekky with Mum on Xmas morning before she went to hospital for the day.

  • Ethan lost a tooth today, well ok he was eating candy and it fell out!

  • Ethan finished Year 4 on 21st Dec 2007.

  • Washing machined died, pooh! Had to handwash for over 5 weeks, frill!

  • Major clean out of house from now til end of Jan 2008!!

  • Disability recognised at Centrelink, got letter yesterday.

LOOK OUT 2008!

In 2008 I hope to get into CRS (help those with disability gain employment etc) and have a job before my birthday in May. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

North Roe Shawl

I have been knitting for less than a year, but that hasn't stopped me jumping head first into my first lace/chart pattern. My friend Ann pointed out to me most ppl do not start lace til they have been knitting 18 - 24 months. Oh! I admit I had to chart out the whole pattern, cause the little box highlighted in red just wasn't clear enough for me. Now that I have my extended charts I am finding it alot easier. For a first attempt I am happy with it :) I am enjoying it and thats what counts. Its taking me forever as I can only do a row or two before I have to stop due to pain. I'm back on medication to try control it. I'm like a zombie on these meds, so only taking them at night so I can focus a little during the day. I'm use to some level of pain on a daily basis, but not the zombie stares. Knitting was suggested to me by my neurosurgeon as physiotherapy after surgery on my spine, but sometimes I wonder if its just causing more problems at this stage. Hope not, as I have grown to love knitting.
Anyways, self pity party over (just a bad week, you understand right?). I started this Shawl while I wait patiently for my Knitpicks needles to show up for Juno Regina, its started as just messing around, glad I kept going. On Ravelry's Juno Regina KAL board, PearlsMother has done JR in The Knittery Merino Cashmere fingering weight yarn in the Warm Pinks colourway, and its absolutely frilling gorgeous!! Being of a heavier weight yarn I decided PearlsMother is definately onto a good thing, heavier weight yarn + bigger needles will be alot better for my body. So off I went over to The Knittery webby and found a Overweight (185g - 740m-809yds) skein in Indigo, its less than the pattern requires so I will double check weight of yarn, knit the diamonds, weight the yarn again so I know how much to have on hand for the other end, knit the centre section and hopefully end up with something lovely to snuggle into next winter. My Knitpicks order should be here in 2 weeks time....

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ravelry is sharing the love, and I got the Koolhaas love passed on to me from another lovely Aussie Raveler. The magazine was in Friday's mail, Sat I overdyed some yellow yarn into a lime green semi solid, E's colour choice.
Pretty, no? He loves it and thats the main thing. Once I have finished with the pattern I too will forward this mag, just for this pattern, onto another Raveler. I am waiting on a order from Bendigo Mills, which seems to be taking forever! 11 days and waiting, which from all accounts from others that twice as long as normal. It also took alot longer for Knitpicks to send out my order (to Ann, since they refuse to post outside of the USA, grrr. 8 days from ordering to sending.) which I have bought myself the Options for Xmas :) Hopefully she will get that Monday her time....and I'll maybe get it around Dec 7th. So so long after ordering *sigh*. All yarns ordered are to make gifts...2 b'days in Jan and one xmas present.
I also just discovered the Lime and Violet pods, they are all freaking hilarious, nutty, fun, fibre loving gals...makes you want to grab a few shots of Sambucca and join in on their conversation. Actually, they are so forthcoming and free, I almost feel like I am evesdropping in on their convo's....which are totally worth listening in to :) Thank goodness I am getting broadband after Xmas, cause downloading their pods takes about 2.5 hours + per show, frill!
So broadband and more pods, here I come...well after Xmas :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Patterns Galore

If you haven't spotted the 3 extra patterns added to, then do yourself a favour and go look. There is Intarsia Fun, a hat and matching scarf, a gorgeous cardigan, Oblique, which I feel is out of my limits, as much as I love it! Then there is Juno Regina, which for me at least, is instant love! So much so I started an Along on ravelry straight away *blush*, I just hope the designer is cool with that, she has dropped in to offer help to anyone with the pattern so that is cool.
Also I totally love Brooklyn Tweed's Koolhaas hat, Interweave Knits Holiday Special, which dammit I cant find in Australia. I may just have to buy the pattern before Winter 2008 arrives. With the exchange rates between Aust and the USA as good as they are ATM I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself for Xmas the Knitpicks Options needles. This company doesn't mail to Aust, so I've had to send to a friend first, who will then repost to me. Of course I bought her yarn as a thank you, she puts up with my shit, what can I say? :) Companies should just send International, if we are willing to pay the postage. Us International lot are use to waiting that little bit longer for the parcel to arrive and paying the higer postage costs. Shows you the huge gap that needing filling in Aust....if only I had the cash to start a small yarn business *sigh* I've gotten to the point now I will only buy yarn IF I know what project it is for.....I'm intent on eliminating my stash enhancing habits, not that its a habit really, not yet, so time to make sure it doesnt become one. All the acrylics I have collected over the past 2 years as I taught myself to crochet then knit will be going into several crochet blankets. From now on no more acrylics, they actually hurt my wrist to be honest. Natural fibres seem to move over the hook and needles far easier.
Anyway thats my babble for today, I'm trying to avoid cleaning the house :) Better get it done..
then I can sort myself out and proceed with Juno Regina, yahoo!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back to School Vest Part One

Back to School Vest - Fitted Knits - Stefanie Japel

So I ripped out one I did start, yarn hurt to knit with. Bought some Cascade 220 in 2448 Mallard - yummy blue heather. Did a swatched, looking good, cast one and am 4 inches deep into it. I just noticed I have one stitch twisted in the ribbing, we shall name that one Steve, since I was chatting online and knitting, had to rip and obviously wasnt watching and missed that oops. Steve stitch shall stay! Momento yes?

This pic is truer to colourway than the top pic. So far this has been an easy knit, as much as I fear ribbing, its still all good.

Also I bought a new camera, nothing special, but lovely all the same, an Olympus FE-270. It does this weird battery empty thing when its not, so not sure if this camera is faulty or if its just a glitch in the series. Will have to investigate.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


So it seems no one can tell me if my Fujifilm S3000 camera is stuffed or not, no one has the right usb cable to test it, nada.
Frankly now I've given up. It was never the best camera anyways, but the fact I have now buy a new one leaves me feeling a little blue. I'll just buy something basic for now, so I can keep up to date with my craft pics and taking pics of kiddo and kitties.
No word on the Borders job as yet. Or if I got into the Library studies I applied for.
At least kiddo's tv has started working again, yay!
I have no craft to share this post, will have a fair bit to catch up on once I have a new camera :)
On the needles at the moment I have a basic retangle for a felted bag, which I will duplicate stitch a skull onto, the Coronet cable is getting there, and I am looking for my first lace pattern to try..thinking Perdita on

Friday, October 19, 2007

All buttoned up

All finished! 3 different buttons, just to be different.

Got a feeling this will look better loose and baggy, rather than more fitted as it is now.

Oh well, whats another 12 kilos to shed? Yup, so far 12 kilos of fat and crap have come off this body. I have dipped below my pre neck injury weight, yippeee. Now to aim for the pre pregnancy weight, harsh! :)

Actually, the more I look at other ppl's pic's of this project, the more I am thinking that somewhere at the start I fucked up and went with a different size. I know I didnt want it to be as "baggy" as the pattern looked. I was going for something slightly more fitted. Beginners mistakes, fun fun :) I wont frog it, hopefully once Autumn rolls around I'll be that little bit smaller.

I'm too damn proud of my efforts to go shreading it. Still amazed I camplete this, I really wanted to give up several times. I just knit sooo slow. I'm alot faster with a hook than this 2 stick business. Just to add to my stick issues, I thought I'd throw in an extra stick and do cables! Attempting Coronet from

See first cable!

Happiness :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leaf Cropped Cardigan Finished

So here it is in version 1.1.

A simple button closure with a loop.
Version 1.2 with a corset like closure...which would look better with half as many loops (Thanks Penny, good idea!) and in a cream ribbon to tie in bow.
Not sure which way I will go at this point.
Either way, it will take all of 2 mins to put right.
Am happy with myself for finishing this, the girls dont fit in as they should, but over all I am happy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ravelry! Fitted Knits!

I just recieved my invite! Yahoo!
My username is NakedPippi, no no, its nothing rude!
A pippi is a shellfish you eat, you eat them without the shell, therefore it is naked. :)

Other news - I am having a real bitch of a time trying to find somewhere to get my camera checked. No one seems to have a cable in stock and willing to see if it will work when plugged in. I may have to buy a new camera, which sucks on one hand, as I am use to this one, as crappy as it is. A new one would be nice, but thats taking away food and craft money, dang! I am going to keep on the hunt, til its all fixed or sorted out, I will have to just put up crappy webshots, soz! :(

Yesterday my son and I got all excited when we heard a knock at the front door. Both our faces lit up in excitement, I got to the door first, heh :)
Sure enough some books we ordered a week ago arrived. Ethan got Paul Jennings, Singenpoo Adventures series and was hyper ripping open his little parcel, promptly sitting down and reading. If you know the drama with his schooling etc you will know why I almost cried.

Me, well I jumped on the Fitted Knits bandwagon. I am impressed with this book. I think I picked out about 5-6 projects I wanted to start right now, but am going to swatch for 2 projects today to see which I will then go with. Since we are coming into summer here, I will refrain from certain patterns til Autumn starts to show its pretty colours.

I've finished 2 projects, when the sun comes out I will get some sucky webshots up on here :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pretty Puffs Slouch Hat

How cute is this hat! Pattern is by ArrghMatey at Craftster, her pattern can be found here.

There is also a crochetalong happening.

I used a 6mm hook and a tencel blend yarn. It took me approx 2 hours. This is a nice and easy pattern.

Love it! Not sure it suits me, but I still think this hat rocks!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Organised Craft

I finished clearing out my craft room yesterday, its all pretty, everything in its place. How long can I keep it that way I wonder.
I was just in there playing around, putting some fabrics together for an applique christmas project, twisted on a foot and put a pin right into side fleshy part near my big toe, PAIN! Even bent the pin in. Crap! Guess I missed that when doing the floors. :(
So now I have my fabrics sorted, ironed and in a basket ready to take to craft tomorrow, how's that for organised? :)
I did a quick sew this morning and made my cat, Garfield, a collar slipcover, found here
I made it in a white fabric with black skullies, no additional stuff added.
Will add pic as soon as I can buy a new USB cable for it, puter blew it up & they are hard to find *sigh*

Monday, September 3, 2007

Spring spring spring!

Today I started cleaning out my craft room (Ok so it had become the storage room), pulling out the collected crap, sorting, filing, moving cupboard units, filling plastic tubs with fabric, bead work, glues, spools of thread, yarn, rulers, pens, books etc. I spent about 3 hours in there. I think tomorrow will be more of the same. So far I am happy with how things are looking. I need to put a shelf up & find a small table to fit in the nook to set the sewing machine up on. I'm looking for a new machine to buy, my Bernina (830) is just too heavy for me to move from home to craft etc. Well back to the spring cleaning :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am currently knitting Stefanie Japel's Leaf cropped cardigan from the Knitty website. This is only my second knitted clothing article, outside of scarves, that I have ever knitted. So far so good. No problems at all.

However, being a bigger girl, I will lengthen the cardigan so its not so cropped. I think I will add one or two big buttons instead of the leaf ties.

I am knitting it in a Lime Green, I picked this colour just to simply snap me out of black for a change. And so far...I love it!!

Here is a progress pic.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Since this is a new blog for me, I thought I'd toss a few pics of projects I have done on here.

Crochet L'n'L, red velveteen corselette, apron and a small hipster styled apron.

All very girly looking, getting more prissy the older I get :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love My Granny

So today while surfing online I came across the Granny-Along blogspot, again:) This time however, I grabbed a hook and yarn, found some instructions and gave the granny square a go.

Why have I never done these before? They are easy, quick and can be as bright, dull, plain or as multicoloured as you like.

My daisy one is Lime Green and Fushia, with a white daisy.

I instantly planned a afghan in my head and have since started a plain Lime Green square to match the Daisy square.
Please go look at the Granny-Along, there is alot of inspiration and ideas there... more than just ghans I promise :)

Sorry about the pic, had to use the scanner :(
Doesnt do much for the colours thats for sure.