Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love My Granny

So today while surfing online I came across the Granny-Along blogspot, again:) This time however, I grabbed a hook and yarn, found some instructions and gave the granny square a go.

Why have I never done these before? They are easy, quick and can be as bright, dull, plain or as multicoloured as you like.

My daisy one is Lime Green and Fushia, with a white daisy.

I instantly planned a afghan in my head and have since started a plain Lime Green square to match the Daisy square.
Please go look at the Granny-Along, there is alot of inspiration and ideas there... more than just ghans I promise :)

Sorry about the pic, had to use the scanner :(
Doesnt do much for the colours thats for sure.

1 comment:

ChelleC said...

Lovely square! I love the Granny square also. Want to do something with it soon. Am just learning crochet.