Thursday, September 6, 2007

Organised Craft

I finished clearing out my craft room yesterday, its all pretty, everything in its place. How long can I keep it that way I wonder.
I was just in there playing around, putting some fabrics together for an applique christmas project, twisted on a foot and put a pin right into side fleshy part near my big toe, PAIN! Even bent the pin in. Crap! Guess I missed that when doing the floors. :(
So now I have my fabrics sorted, ironed and in a basket ready to take to craft tomorrow, how's that for organised? :)
I did a quick sew this morning and made my cat, Garfield, a collar slipcover, found here
I made it in a white fabric with black skullies, no additional stuff added.
Will add pic as soon as I can buy a new USB cable for it, puter blew it up & they are hard to find *sigh*

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