Sunday, October 28, 2007


So it seems no one can tell me if my Fujifilm S3000 camera is stuffed or not, no one has the right usb cable to test it, nada.
Frankly now I've given up. It was never the best camera anyways, but the fact I have now buy a new one leaves me feeling a little blue. I'll just buy something basic for now, so I can keep up to date with my craft pics and taking pics of kiddo and kitties.
No word on the Borders job as yet. Or if I got into the Library studies I applied for.
At least kiddo's tv has started working again, yay!
I have no craft to share this post, will have a fair bit to catch up on once I have a new camera :)
On the needles at the moment I have a basic retangle for a felted bag, which I will duplicate stitch a skull onto, the Coronet cable is getting there, and I am looking for my first lace pattern to try..thinking Perdita on

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