Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ravelry! Fitted Knits!

I just recieved my invite! Yahoo!
My username is NakedPippi, no no, its nothing rude!
A pippi is a shellfish you eat, you eat them without the shell, therefore it is naked. :)

Other news - I am having a real bitch of a time trying to find somewhere to get my camera checked. No one seems to have a cable in stock and willing to see if it will work when plugged in. I may have to buy a new camera, which sucks on one hand, as I am use to this one, as crappy as it is. A new one would be nice, but thats taking away food and craft money, dang! I am going to keep on the hunt, til its all fixed or sorted out, I will have to just put up crappy webshots, soz! :(

Yesterday my son and I got all excited when we heard a knock at the front door. Both our faces lit up in excitement, I got to the door first, heh :)
Sure enough some books we ordered a week ago arrived. Ethan got Paul Jennings, Singenpoo Adventures series and was hyper ripping open his little parcel, promptly sitting down and reading. If you know the drama with his schooling etc you will know why I almost cried.

Me, well I jumped on the Fitted Knits bandwagon. I am impressed with this book. I think I picked out about 5-6 projects I wanted to start right now, but am going to swatch for 2 projects today to see which I will then go with. Since we are coming into summer here, I will refrain from certain patterns til Autumn starts to show its pretty colours.

I've finished 2 projects, when the sun comes out I will get some sucky webshots up on here :)

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