Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back to School Vest Part One

Back to School Vest - Fitted Knits - Stefanie Japel

So I ripped out one I did start, yarn hurt to knit with. Bought some Cascade 220 in 2448 Mallard - yummy blue heather. Did a swatched, looking good, cast one and am 4 inches deep into it. I just noticed I have one stitch twisted in the ribbing, we shall name that one Steve, since I was chatting online and knitting, had to rip and obviously wasnt watching and missed that oops. Steve stitch shall stay! Momento yes?

This pic is truer to colourway than the top pic. So far this has been an easy knit, as much as I fear ribbing, its still all good.

Also I bought a new camera, nothing special, but lovely all the same, an Olympus FE-270. It does this weird battery empty thing when its not, so not sure if this camera is faulty or if its just a glitch in the series. Will have to investigate.

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