Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ravelry is sharing the love, and I got the Koolhaas love passed on to me from another lovely Aussie Raveler. The magazine was in Friday's mail, Sat I overdyed some yellow yarn into a lime green semi solid, E's colour choice.
Pretty, no? He loves it and thats the main thing. Once I have finished with the pattern I too will forward this mag, just for this pattern, onto another Raveler. I am waiting on a order from Bendigo Mills, which seems to be taking forever! 11 days and waiting, which from all accounts from others that twice as long as normal. It also took alot longer for Knitpicks to send out my order (to Ann, since they refuse to post outside of the USA, grrr. 8 days from ordering to sending.) which I have bought myself the Options for Xmas :) Hopefully she will get that Monday her time....and I'll maybe get it around Dec 7th. So so long after ordering *sigh*. All yarns ordered are to make gifts...2 b'days in Jan and one xmas present.
I also just discovered the Lime and Violet pods, they are all freaking hilarious, nutty, fun, fibre loving gals...makes you want to grab a few shots of Sambucca and join in on their conversation. Actually, they are so forthcoming and free, I almost feel like I am evesdropping in on their convo's....which are totally worth listening in to :) Thank goodness I am getting broadband after Xmas, cause downloading their pods takes about 2.5 hours + per show, frill!
So broadband and more pods, here I come...well after Xmas :)

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Pearls Mother said...

I'm also a late starter on Lime and Violet, I've been listening to them in order, I'm currently on episode 34!

Broadband will change your life, they only take about 5 minutes to download.