Saturday, November 10, 2007

Patterns Galore

If you haven't spotted the 3 extra patterns added to, then do yourself a favour and go look. There is Intarsia Fun, a hat and matching scarf, a gorgeous cardigan, Oblique, which I feel is out of my limits, as much as I love it! Then there is Juno Regina, which for me at least, is instant love! So much so I started an Along on ravelry straight away *blush*, I just hope the designer is cool with that, she has dropped in to offer help to anyone with the pattern so that is cool.
Also I totally love Brooklyn Tweed's Koolhaas hat, Interweave Knits Holiday Special, which dammit I cant find in Australia. I may just have to buy the pattern before Winter 2008 arrives. With the exchange rates between Aust and the USA as good as they are ATM I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself for Xmas the Knitpicks Options needles. This company doesn't mail to Aust, so I've had to send to a friend first, who will then repost to me. Of course I bought her yarn as a thank you, she puts up with my shit, what can I say? :) Companies should just send International, if we are willing to pay the postage. Us International lot are use to waiting that little bit longer for the parcel to arrive and paying the higer postage costs. Shows you the huge gap that needing filling in Aust....if only I had the cash to start a small yarn business *sigh* I've gotten to the point now I will only buy yarn IF I know what project it is for.....I'm intent on eliminating my stash enhancing habits, not that its a habit really, not yet, so time to make sure it doesnt become one. All the acrylics I have collected over the past 2 years as I taught myself to crochet then knit will be going into several crochet blankets. From now on no more acrylics, they actually hurt my wrist to be honest. Natural fibres seem to move over the hook and needles far easier.
Anyway thats my babble for today, I'm trying to avoid cleaning the house :) Better get it done..
then I can sort myself out and proceed with Juno Regina, yahoo!

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