Saturday, December 29, 2007

What a Year it's been!

A month since I blogged, oops, how did that happen? 2007 has flown by much too fast for my liking.

Ok, catch up in point form.


  • Shawl moving slowly, 3 rows forward, 2 rows back.

  • Back to school vest - 70% done, work on it at knitting group only

  • Koolhaas - I screwed it up row one of chart...5 times, frill! Will try again soon, I CAN do this! :)

  • Did first felting - bag with duplicate stitch skully. Too fun! :)
  • Got Knitpicks Option set, OMG best ever needles, love them!

  • You Snag wristies on needles for mindless knitting over the next night or two.

  • Started my first sock, its for mum's bday :) See isn't that Ranco 499 pretty!

Personal life

  • Dec 13th - Paul had heartattack, 20th surgery, today he was home!!

  • Dec 13th Pam had baby - Sam Michael Anthony Clatworthy

  • Xmas sombre affair with Paul in hospital, Joe and Karen joined us at Mum's for a dinner on Xmas Eve.

  • Ethan and I had Brekky with Mum on Xmas morning before she went to hospital for the day.

  • Ethan lost a tooth today, well ok he was eating candy and it fell out!

  • Ethan finished Year 4 on 21st Dec 2007.

  • Washing machined died, pooh! Had to handwash for over 5 weeks, frill!

  • Major clean out of house from now til end of Jan 2008!!

  • Disability recognised at Centrelink, got letter yesterday.

LOOK OUT 2008!

In 2008 I hope to get into CRS (help those with disability gain employment etc) and have a job before my birthday in May. :)