Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shawls, Flu and Tattoos

I received some yummy yarn from Tara, 100% baby alpaca in Bruised Bloodwood from Yarncakes. I LOVE this colourway, so much so I stalked and managed to buy another skein of it.

Since doing the Forest Canopy Shawl I have searched for a new lace pattern to tackle. I found Commelina last night and decided that was the pattern for the Bruised Bloodwood. I cast on Commelina this morning, so far, so good!

I've almost completed one end. Once that is done you pick up along the edge and do the body of the scarf. This will be another new step for me, I hope I can do this right :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my shawl, much appreciated, HUGS!
I just got E to take a few pics of me wearing the shawl, I am NOT a photogenic person, ever! lol So this is as good as it gets hehehe.

Photos show all your flaws, I'm horrified at some of the pics I deleted. I never realised how many chins I actually had, eep!

Now, imagine losing 20 kilos and knitting smaller articles.....yup, day, I guess when I am ready it will happen. Today I am just too tired to even think about it. :P

Just as I thought E was getting over his flu bug, I got it! Fever on a 33C day isn't fun at all. I was so cold I curled up in bed under 3-4 blankets. A week later and both of us are still coughing, it just won't budge. Certainly glad I didn't take this bug down to Sarah's. My ribs hurt like hell from all the coughing, I even have swelling on them.
Enough of that topic, ick!

On Sep 12th, 2008 I left class for an hour and went and got this tattoo on my right inner wrist. It's my first tattoo and I love it. Within 24hours I was wondering what I could add to it :) I barely felt it, I was expecting pain and alot of it, but nada. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, cause no pain makes it so easy to go get more done...alot of pain would make me rethink it, lol, well for a minute or two anyways :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lace Shawl - I did it!

I knit a lace shawl!! I can barely believe it, but here she is, and I am SO proud of myself.
Forest Canopy in Cherries colourway from The Knittery.
Blocking this was easier than I imagined and WOW does lace blocking blow my mind.
This is my first 100% lace project and first completed shawl, I've tried other shawls and bombed out. I just may knit this pattern again, but in black :)

Now to find a new project, maybe more lace :)

In other news - the travel gods are against me, yet again I've tried to get a trip in to Wollongong to visit Sarah. Again I had to cancel. This time E was sick, poor baby had a heavy chest cold, barking cough, temps and little voice. Today he seems to finally be over it.
Now to organise again, hopefully this time it works out, I feel so bad about cancelling twice, gah!
Maybe I should go alone?? lol

TAFE is going well, even with the few hiccups involved. I love the little group we have, often a few of them will come over for a weekend and we watch movies, drink, joke around and play singstar! Yes me on singstar, but only after a few drinks lol

It's all good :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

Its the morning after....oh boy was it worth it!

So I had grand plans of going to Wollongong to visit Sarah for a few days before the new semester of TAFE starts back. A nice few days away to end school break. Then World Youth Day kicked in, some dude called The Pope arrived and chaos ensued! Delightfully the Pope and his entourage would let us get to Wollongong, however, coming home was going to be a no go. My bus wouldn't be allowed into the city at all! After many sinful words, I saw the light and decided we would give it a miss and try again once his band of merry teens where gone.

Enter the "But you promised to take me on a little holiday mum" plea from the kid. Oh the guilt!
I started umming and arring and trying to work out a new plan, as far from Sydney as possible. I was thinking North, maybe a caravan park on a beach, possibly Coffs Harbour.

Tara and Ali piped up "Come to BENDI, go on, pleeeease", hmm well, I kinda do have the money and all.*

So I play guilt games with myself, over and over I tell myself I can NOT spend that much money on myself and my obsession with fibre, oh the frivolous nature of such a thing. The girls of course told me that hell yes I could and to book my ass on a plane. The guilt consumes me, I ring my mother for some sage advice, like me she is practical, she will talk me back to reality.
Oh course she will, err wrong! Mum tells me to go for it, go have fun, do something so unlike you normally would and just enjoy it. So I did! I booked E and I a return flight. My going is kept secret to surprise a few other online friends.

Thursday night we flew to Melbourne, where the lovely Fiesty Wench (Tara) picked us up and took us to her place in Bendigo, where we were entertained by her 2 little ones and kept in cups of tea by her hubby, over our 40hour stay. Good cuppas Mac, thanks!

Friday, Tara gave me a tour of town so I could drool over all the old homes, Victorian, Federation, Miner's huts etc Just gorgeous, I wants! :)

Tara had to go get more ppl from the airport that afternoon, so E and I hit the Golden Dragon Museum. The Golden Dragon is three seperate buildings - The Temple, The Water Gardens and the Museum itself. The Water Garden looks a little sad, worn and old, but could come to life again with very little work. E seemed nervous of The Temple, so we only looked outside, but the Museum was fantastic. Chinese Dragons, clothing, tools and way of life in the goldfields are all displayed there. It was impressive and we both learnt a great deal.

That night Tara snuck me into the bar where a group where having drinks and dinner, Tia, Neek and Sally were all there and surprised to see me. Our plan worked, we did good!
It was great to also meet Randomknits and Knitabulous there.

Saturday morning - up early and off to the BBQ that Tara had organised. Boy did she do a fabulous job, there was a great turn out, prizes to be won and just a great sense of merriment.
Everyone was reading each others name tags and hugs a plenty were had. I finally got to meet Ali, who marries today, all the best Ali and Andy!

After the BBQ we all piled into cars and headed to the show grounds to dive deep into fibre, sheep, alpaca and wares. Oh la la, did I ever spend up! :) E, Ali and I walked around, buying and explaining to alot of vendors what Ravelry is. We met some lovely ppl along the way, such as Ixchel Fibres, Petlyn Fibre Products, Fibreworks and we finally got to put a face to the names of Mandie from EGMTK and Donyale.

After approx 5 hours of walking around the show we called it a day. E and I walked back to Tara and Mark's while they hauled kids, ladies and fibre in 2 carloads back. It was time to pack the bags, find the plane tickets and come home.

Tara being our graceful host, took us back to the airport (2 hours drive each way ppl - 4 trips in 4 days), where I had a small altercation with a security guy, Mr Asshat. Maybe I will write about that later. grrr.

I got home shortly before 10pm, E and I were both exhausted but extremely happy with our lovely 52 hours round trip :)
Massive thank you to Tara, Mac and kids for having us in your home. Tara, your the bomb! All your driving and organising, very much appreciated, cheers!

*here is a savings tip for you, get bogged down in 6 assessments, add another 5 in class tests over a period of 5 weeks, keep telling yourself NO spending, need car rego, then really save for 10 weeks and hey presto, a shite load more money sitting in bank than you realised).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wheel, The Fiber and the Road Trip!

The family and I took a road trip to The Gong last weekend to pick up my spinning wheel from the lovely Sarah (Knittingand), who then handed over bags to fill with fiber. Her stash is massive, well ok to me it is :) Tia and RB where there also, so it was lovely to meet new ppl and catch up.
The trip was good, my parents stopped along the way to show E and I the sights. Woolongong is pretty, the mountain ranges, the ocean, and boy is it GREEN! I could move there in a heartbeat:)
Ok, so enough of the talking, here are the pretties!
Also here is a pic of the Blue Moon Fiber - Silk Thread in the Raven's colourway Korppi *drool*

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm here to BRAG! :)

How spoilt am I?
This spoilt! Jack bay made by Palopinto in the Aussie Knitters Bag Swap. I am so in Lurve! :) See the stitching?? Same as Jack's mouth, awesome detail huh!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Handspun me Baby Right Round!

So a few weeks ago Zephyrama handed over her spinning wheel, an Ashford Trad. I had NO idea on how to spin, so a quick run thru and I then I was on my own. I've used a spindle before, badly! :)

Prepare yourself for something over-twisted, lumpy, under-twisted, generally just a mess.
:) See!
100g = 70m
Mulled Wine

So then I decided that I could do better..hopefully. Grabbed a bag of Shyamal Merino and got cracking. This time things just clicked. 100g = 270m laceweight. I'm super excited over this one :D

Fibre from

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things get busy!

First up, its March 1st 2008, so Happy Birthday Nana(94 today I think).

Life has gotten totally crazy here lately. I started full time TAFE last month doing Library and Information Services. I'm enjoying most classes, but not all.
I have found it very hard juggling being full time student with being a solo parent, doing all that needs to be done.
I've managed to knit in a few classes that are slow going, no teacher has asked that I put it away and concentrate, it helps that I can still watch whats happening on the board, talk and keep on knitting lol.
Fingerless Mitts are the Raspberry Mitts pattern on Rav, did these in a weekend.

Jolly Roger Ski Band, pattern on Rav. Also showing off the new hair colours! :)

Hat is The Republic pattern, quick knit, took me one day during classes and finished off at home.

I'm really enjoying these quick knits. I've knitted and felted a bag for the Bag Swap....just need to find time to go get some goodies to add, also time to sew up another bag .

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poor blogger, you have been neglected yet again, I could blame Ravelry but well...

Ok so really I am just a slacker, 100% slacker!

So, I am participating in the Bag Swap on the Aussie Knitters forum, which is a little nerve racking after seeing what this lot did for the tea cosy swap. I was planning on going to broadband this month but have to hold off so I can do this swap. Yup, tight budget! :(

I have plans to sew my swap partner a pretty Monica Poole Bag, then I will hunt down some knitting treats to put into said bag before posting it off in the week allocated. I think a trip out to Morpeth might be an idea! It will all be fun and worth it. It's probably the only one I will take part in this year.

School holidays are over and E goes back to school tomorrow to start Year 5! Already! My baby! He is even excited!! E hasn't been excited over school since Kindy :)

This year I will be heading off to school also to do a Library course, I'm pretty excited about it all. I go to Orientation this Thursday :)

On the knitting front I am still plugging away on my sock, I goof the heel and need to fix, will do that today!
I also started a Scrap Wrap, its just plain stockinette, different yarns each row, mainly in pinks, greens, cream and purples. 350 sts on 8mm Options, there are so many stitches that I had to order some 120cm length cables :) It works out at roughly 1 sts per cm, so 3.5 metres long...SNUGGLY!:) Thats the piccy above! :)

I did hit a wall of startitis, but I think I have it all under control now. If I just stick to the above mentioned projects all will be good.

Once they are all done, I will concentrate on a new Cardiagn (Ariann) and a shawl, probably Kiri, then finish North Roe. I need some kind of plan here :) Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sock of Schurch & I have a Victim!

In craft news, I recieved Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from the Book Depositry in the U.K. on Dec 30th and recieved it on Jan 8th, not bad huh! I have the Class Sock on the needles and hope to complete that today. Making it in bright cherry red Red Heart Soft Yarn. Just because! :)

Vent. So Ravelry. Generally I do enjoy my time spent on Rav, however I am getting over it due to the amount of "experts" on the boards. Starting to think of leaning towards just using the site for its other features. All the "expert advice" makes for a less friendly environment, especially when you get ppl who don't agree etc. No need to be right in everything either, how do you learn if your always right? Maybe I just view the world differently.

I'm amazed at how shut off ppl are to the different circumstances other ppl are in. I for one have very little money, I shop around for my craft, clothes, etc. For example, this past weekend I went to Sydney to visit a group of friends, for me this is a luxury. Why? Because it cost me $150 (petrol, food, etc) They don't understand that for me $150 is just shy of half my weekly income.
Anyway, I'm home, broke and need to start saving so I can knit myself Ariann for winter. At least this cardigan will fit unlike my other baggy arsed clothing I'm slowly shrinking out of. Will start trolling the op-shops for good yarn rescues in a month or so when the bank account looks somewhat ok again...hopefully!

Oh! I also have the name of my victim for the Bag Lady Swap on Rav, did a bit of snooping around last night. Will do some more investigating and start on that ASAP, its not due til end of March, just giving myself lots of time :)