Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sock of Schurch & I have a Victim!

In craft news, I recieved Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from the Book Depositry in the U.K. on Dec 30th and recieved it on Jan 8th, not bad huh! I have the Class Sock on the needles and hope to complete that today. Making it in bright cherry red Red Heart Soft Yarn. Just because! :)

Vent. So Ravelry. Generally I do enjoy my time spent on Rav, however I am getting over it due to the amount of "experts" on the boards. Starting to think of leaning towards just using the site for its other features. All the "expert advice" makes for a less friendly environment, especially when you get ppl who don't agree etc. No need to be right in everything either, how do you learn if your always right? Maybe I just view the world differently.

I'm amazed at how shut off ppl are to the different circumstances other ppl are in. I for one have very little money, I shop around for my craft, clothes, etc. For example, this past weekend I went to Sydney to visit a group of friends, for me this is a luxury. Why? Because it cost me $150 (petrol, food, etc) They don't understand that for me $150 is just shy of half my weekly income.
Anyway, I'm home, broke and need to start saving so I can knit myself Ariann for winter. At least this cardigan will fit unlike my other baggy arsed clothing I'm slowly shrinking out of. Will start trolling the op-shops for good yarn rescues in a month or so when the bank account looks somewhat ok again...hopefully!

Oh! I also have the name of my victim for the Bag Lady Swap on Rav, did a bit of snooping around last night. Will do some more investigating and start on that ASAP, its not due til end of March, just giving myself lots of time :)


Alyssa said...

i haven't experienced much agnst on Rav but I can see how it would be VERY annoying. We all come from different walks of life we should enjoy our differences not look down on those who are different.

Storm Angel said...

I agree about the differences, its what makes this world interesting.
I guess my vent is about those who are never wrong, always right, you know the types. How do they ever learn something new if they are always so perfect? I enjoy learning new tricks, and just because I then know how to make it work for me doesn't mean I am right. :)

I am SHOCKED that others read my babble :)

Bells said...

I must admit to shying away from the forums a little bit. Partly because they are so damn busy and I have enough going on without trying to keep on top of the 17 groups I'm in or whatever it is. I try to be really, really selective about where I spend my time there!

CresceNet said...

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fitknit said...

Just stick with the amateurs :) You'll be right, mate.

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

I have avoided Ravelry as time consuming [I already spend too much time reading blogs and writng my own]. What I'm starting to hear [this is the third blog today] doesn't inspire me!

BTW, I love the background of your blog. How did you do it?

Thanks for dropping by my blog; I'm glad you liked my lace. Look in the Harmony Guide to Knitting Patterns for Horse Shoe Print lace and try it out!