Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm here to BRAG! :)

How spoilt am I?
This spoilt! Jack bay made by Palopinto in the Aussie Knitters Bag Swap. I am so in Lurve! :) See the stitching?? Same as Jack's mouth, awesome detail huh!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Handspun me Baby Right Round!

So a few weeks ago Zephyrama handed over her spinning wheel, an Ashford Trad. I had NO idea on how to spin, so a quick run thru and I then I was on my own. I've used a spindle before, badly! :)

Prepare yourself for something over-twisted, lumpy, under-twisted, generally just a mess.
:) See!
100g = 70m
Mulled Wine

So then I decided that I could do better..hopefully. Grabbed a bag of Shyamal Merino and got cracking. This time things just clicked. 100g = 270m laceweight. I'm super excited over this one :D

Fibre from

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things get busy!

First up, its March 1st 2008, so Happy Birthday Nana(94 today I think).

Life has gotten totally crazy here lately. I started full time TAFE last month doing Library and Information Services. I'm enjoying most classes, but not all.
I have found it very hard juggling being full time student with being a solo parent, doing all that needs to be done.
I've managed to knit in a few classes that are slow going, no teacher has asked that I put it away and concentrate, it helps that I can still watch whats happening on the board, talk and keep on knitting lol.
Fingerless Mitts are the Raspberry Mitts pattern on Rav, did these in a weekend.

Jolly Roger Ski Band, pattern on Rav. Also showing off the new hair colours! :)

Hat is The Republic pattern, quick knit, took me one day during classes and finished off at home.

I'm really enjoying these quick knits. I've knitted and felted a bag for the Bag Swap....just need to find time to go get some goodies to add, also time to sew up another bag .