Sunday, March 9, 2008

Handspun me Baby Right Round!

So a few weeks ago Zephyrama handed over her spinning wheel, an Ashford Trad. I had NO idea on how to spin, so a quick run thru and I then I was on my own. I've used a spindle before, badly! :)

Prepare yourself for something over-twisted, lumpy, under-twisted, generally just a mess.
:) See!
100g = 70m
Mulled Wine

So then I decided that I could do better..hopefully. Grabbed a bag of Shyamal Merino and got cracking. This time things just clicked. 100g = 270m laceweight. I'm super excited over this one :D

Fibre from


Knittingand said...

If you have some, ply your first bobbin of handpsun with some cotton quilting thread. It'll strengthen any weak spots and give you a really cool art yarn :)

catsmum said...

Actually noticed your Shyamal over on Ewe Give ME The Knits this morning but forgot it was yours by the time we were chatting... my bad :[

It's gorgeous and my favourite colours - and a fabulous second effort - but I've got so much fibre to spin before I can buy some more.
I think there might be some of that blend in my future though.
Maybe by the middle of the year if I'm good.

fitknit said...

You certainly are a natural, Miss Pipps!

Anonymous said...
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