Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shawls, Flu and Tattoos

I received some yummy yarn from Tara, 100% baby alpaca in Bruised Bloodwood from Yarncakes. I LOVE this colourway, so much so I stalked and managed to buy another skein of it.

Since doing the Forest Canopy Shawl I have searched for a new lace pattern to tackle. I found Commelina last night and decided that was the pattern for the Bruised Bloodwood. I cast on Commelina this morning, so far, so good!

I've almost completed one end. Once that is done you pick up along the edge and do the body of the scarf. This will be another new step for me, I hope I can do this right :)

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my shawl, much appreciated, HUGS!
I just got E to take a few pics of me wearing the shawl, I am NOT a photogenic person, ever! lol So this is as good as it gets hehehe.

Photos show all your flaws, I'm horrified at some of the pics I deleted. I never realised how many chins I actually had, eep!

Now, imagine losing 20 kilos and knitting smaller articles.....yup, day, I guess when I am ready it will happen. Today I am just too tired to even think about it. :P

Just as I thought E was getting over his flu bug, I got it! Fever on a 33C day isn't fun at all. I was so cold I curled up in bed under 3-4 blankets. A week later and both of us are still coughing, it just won't budge. Certainly glad I didn't take this bug down to Sarah's. My ribs hurt like hell from all the coughing, I even have swelling on them.
Enough of that topic, ick!

On Sep 12th, 2008 I left class for an hour and went and got this tattoo on my right inner wrist. It's my first tattoo and I love it. Within 24hours I was wondering what I could add to it :) I barely felt it, I was expecting pain and alot of it, but nada. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, cause no pain makes it so easy to go get more done...alot of pain would make me rethink it, lol, well for a minute or two anyways :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lace Shawl - I did it!

I knit a lace shawl!! I can barely believe it, but here she is, and I am SO proud of myself.
Forest Canopy in Cherries colourway from The Knittery.
Blocking this was easier than I imagined and WOW does lace blocking blow my mind.
This is my first 100% lace project and first completed shawl, I've tried other shawls and bombed out. I just may knit this pattern again, but in black :)

Now to find a new project, maybe more lace :)

In other news - the travel gods are against me, yet again I've tried to get a trip in to Wollongong to visit Sarah. Again I had to cancel. This time E was sick, poor baby had a heavy chest cold, barking cough, temps and little voice. Today he seems to finally be over it.
Now to organise again, hopefully this time it works out, I feel so bad about cancelling twice, gah!
Maybe I should go alone?? lol

TAFE is going well, even with the few hiccups involved. I love the little group we have, often a few of them will come over for a weekend and we watch movies, drink, joke around and play singstar! Yes me on singstar, but only after a few drinks lol

It's all good :)