Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lace Shawl - I did it!

I knit a lace shawl!! I can barely believe it, but here she is, and I am SO proud of myself.
Forest Canopy in Cherries colourway from The Knittery.
Blocking this was easier than I imagined and WOW does lace blocking blow my mind.
This is my first 100% lace project and first completed shawl, I've tried other shawls and bombed out. I just may knit this pattern again, but in black :)

Now to find a new project, maybe more lace :)

In other news - the travel gods are against me, yet again I've tried to get a trip in to Wollongong to visit Sarah. Again I had to cancel. This time E was sick, poor baby had a heavy chest cold, barking cough, temps and little voice. Today he seems to finally be over it.
Now to organise again, hopefully this time it works out, I feel so bad about cancelling twice, gah!
Maybe I should go alone?? lol

TAFE is going well, even with the few hiccups involved. I love the little group we have, often a few of them will come over for a weekend and we watch movies, drink, joke around and play singstar! Yes me on singstar, but only after a few drinks lol

It's all good :)


Tara said...

So when do we get to see a pic of this masterpiece being modelled? huh? huhhuhhuh?

librarylass said...

YAY! PIP! Looks absolutely awesome! I'm with Tara though, when do we get to see this masterpiece?

n_for_neek said...

LOVE IT! :) Good on you, I keep piking on my lace shawls :D

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Well done for completing it!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Pip.

Love the shawl and colour.

Inspired to get shawl out of hibernation. NOPE :)

Shala said...

So now I get one right right??? *giggles*
Okay.. I'm teasing.. but you could send me some of that pretty yarn you're spinning..

Suzy Crancer said...

What a thrill! The yarn you chose is perfect.

Queenie said...

Great work.