Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 already?

I am quiet possibly the world's worst blogger...September being the last time I posted. :(
Let's see, where to begin?

2008 on the whole was good to me, I met new people, did a TAFE course, learned the art of drinking (hey it goes with being a student!), found myself that little bit more, did something fun and outrageous (Bendigo Show - spur of the moment fun) etc.

In December I completed my Cert III in Library and Information Services course. I walked out of that with a Distinction, which blew me away, so thrilled :) I start back in Feb to do the Diploma!

Xmas, as usual, was a non event. So was NYE...I really don't have a social life. Guess I am just a home body type, plus a single parent with no child care kinda keeps you at home not out meeting a shiteload of ppl too :)

I've done some knitting...currently on the needles - Queen Anne Lace - a circular lace shawl in cranberry, Twenny Dollah top- one sleeve to go and about to cast on a cardigan by Drops Design that I adore, in malabrigo :)
Before winter I hope to have the cardigan done, some flip top mittens completed and a hat/scarf combo, or hat and cowl. I might even be a dag and knit up some leg warmers/ankle cuffs, stop the breeze going up the jeans, brrr.
Also I'd like to get Icarus on the needles in the BMFA Silk Thread I've had sitting there for several months. I think I am ready to tackle that silk thread :)

I had big plans this school break, like spinning and going on a holiday. Instead my wheel went for a holiday to Corlette to play with Molly. My car broke down 5 times in a month and cost $1000 which killed off any plans for me and E to take a break away from home :( Frack it!

I bought a laptop so it's easier for me to keep up while doing the Diploma this year, typing is far quicker, less painful and I can get more down than writing. My spine is an ongoing issue.

In Sept a mate, while intoxicated, ran into me accidently. He fractured his sternum and I have a lump in my neck that needs to be checked. My doc however is unsure about it, so back to the surgeon on the 20th of this month. Jake feels guilty about it all, he shouldn't, shit happens, and hey, he had to deal with the pain of having a fractured sternum lol

E is going to a new school as of this year, I pulled him out of RTPS and he is off to THPS. They have already put a progam in place for him, he goes to speechie once a week, his school is right near the TAFE so I can collect him or we can bus it in together....not a bad idea with the rate the car is going lol

I'm looking forward to a much better 2009, it's going to be a good year. YES it is!!

Sorry for the lack of knitting pics, will haul off PC and get some up asap.

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