Sunday, September 6, 2009

Am I here yet?

It's taken me forever to find time to do anything with this blog.

I am still undecided on wether to just delete it or to have another crack at doing something with it.
Life is busy, TAFE takes up a huge amount of my time and energy, along with being mum to E and the mals around here. Add to that the BF, J, and I don't have alot of me time these days.
If I do get an hour to myself I am either knitting, baking or surfing the net to stay connected.

Seems I was last here in Jan. Ouch!

Since then I have gone back to TAFE to do the Diploma in Library Information etc. It's been tough, right now I am neck deep in assessments. I hate assessments, I am not an academic person by any means, I prefer hands on learning. Just 3 months to go! Whew!

J and I have been dating for almost 3 months now. It's the most comfortable place to be. Scarey huh! He's had to be thrown in the deep in when it comes to my family. Sadly he didn't get to meet them under nice circumstances, instead it was Nana's funeral. Tough gig, but he handled it very well.
Nana passed away on the 19/08/09 at 94yo. Her funeral was a week later, Lil, Steve and Joe all got time off work to be there. We had a family lunch and a good catch up. I guess that's the problem when we live in 2 countries and over several states.

I went to Bendigo Sheep Show again this year. Had a blast, bought too much, came home exhausted..see, awesome! I picked up a spindle from Spinningwoodie an its brilliant. Slowly spinning some of Mandie's (EGMTK) fibre on to it. Eventually it will become an Aeolian Shawl I think.
Ah shawls! Ok so I have now done Forest Canopy, Queen Anne Lace, my own simple shawl, Icarus (my fave shhh), Ishbel (for Marg), Sunday Market Shawl, and now its Swallowtail for Emma in her handspun. Yeah the lace bug bit me hard.

Ah Icarus! How I love thee!
I've also been on a baking kick - scones, cupcakes, cakes, new recipes for dinner etc Very domestic of me, I love to cook, hate to clean up. Shame.
No idea why that is showing up sideways when in my Pictures file its fine. Odd.
Vanilla cupcakes with No Fail Icing with Vanilla. These were SO yum that the kid ate about 30 of them, very sneakily, in 3 days! I was not impressed.
Next cupcakes I make will be Gingerbread with Lemony Icing. Or maybe Ginger Pumpkin Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache, ohh yum!

Time to get back to assessments *cries* they are SO frustrating!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to read from you again. Love the cupcakes and the shawl.