Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ahh she lives!

Yes indeed I do :)
I managed to make it through my Diploma, finishing up on December 4th 2009. It felt good too!
The last 6 months have been a struggle, one big assessment after another. Well more like 3-4 at a time. It was exhausting. I put everything I had into the work, in some classes just scrapping in. An academic I am not ;)
So now that the course is over it's full time job hunting season. J and I both started applying for jobs about 2 months ago, so far not even a nibble. I've put my name down at the library for a book that helps with writing cover letters and filling out selection criteria since neither of us has been taught how to do this process correctly and we know that is what is effecting our chances at gaining employment.

I've been cleaning the house out, removing junk and anything else I don't want to take with us. Where are we going?? Where ever we find work, simple as that. Sure I'd love to end up in Tassie or Victoria, but if we end up in Darwin or Alice Springs we will make the most of it.
But what does one knit in those more hot and humid temps? I just might have to find out :P

On the knitting front not much has happened. I did however get an Aeolian shawl done in amongst the madness, it was something I worked on when I needed some time out. As much as I love my Icarus shawl, this one is fell in love with from the first stitch. She is fully beaded, something I need to try capture in a photo soon.
Anyways, I will be casting on for another Aeolian on Jan 1st 2010 as I joined a group on Rav - Knit 10 shawls in 2010. Not a bad challenge :)

Xmas is going to be at Mum's this year, after lunch J, E and I will drive to Wollongong, about 4 hours south. We are staying there the night with J's ex-g/f's family. Yeah I am ok with that, it's odd I know, but as J says, they are a second family to him. The next morning we will head off early and drive another 4 hours to Talbingo in the Snowy Mountains to spend a week with his family. I'm the only driver, so this is really going to test me, I don't know how well my spine is going to deal with this trip...will take my medications, but I doubt they will cut it. We are taking mum's Rav 4, my 19yo Laser would never make it, poor Betsy Ann. :( I am looking forward to the trip and I will take a lot breaks to try keep the pain levels at a minimum.
We will take a trip to Wagga Wagga, go see some caves and other local sight seeing things J knows about, should be good fun :)

Well that is it form me for now, so have a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year and above all stay safe and enjoy the holiday season :D

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