Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Knit Wants

So I've been looking around at some winter knits I might like to knit for winter 2010. I could be dreaming at this stage as very little knitting is being accomplished while my hand is being, simply put, a PITA.
However in my fairytale dreamland I'd like to get a cabled lace vest done as well as the Heather hoodie vest. I'd also like some striped arm warmers, a pair of awesome Love Bytes mittens and to complete Revontuli and Aeolian shawls.
Meanwhile I have the urge to cast on about 10 various knits.
I have some yarn dyeing to knit J a simple scarf. He wants purple so hopefully I get a nice dark purple from the pot for him. I will find a nice stitch and take my time knitting it up. He'd like it about 10cm wide and as long as I can make it, with approx 220m it should be a good length.
I did suggest a Dr Who scarf, but he wouldn't go for it :)

I have been making batts while I have Emma's Inwood-Smith Drum Carder here. I have a lovely green batt I've been spinning on my Golding spindle. I am spinning up some various purple blends for a shawl on my Ashford Traditional Wheel. Yesterday I made a pink batt with loads of milk fibre in it, I hope to get a good yardage out of that for a lace stole, we will see.

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