Monday, March 29, 2010

The one about the chicken coop..

Tada! One spunky new chicken coop, devoid of chickens..ok I will work on correcting that this week. This was a Bunnings buy, I should know better, really, but anyways. So I buy the coop in a flat pack, we get it out to the car and it *just* fits. Good thing I borrowed mum's car as there is no way it would have fit into mine. We then get it back home and decide to tackle it after lunch.
I read over the instructions, it's pigeon english as this was made in China. J looks over instructions, we talk about certain points and decide we have it worked out.
However, clearly on the day this shed was being manufactured the Beijing Olympics were on, most of the drill holes did not match up, the front frame (door and panel) was twisted as the layers of metal didnt match up and the job was dodgy. Ok ok, fair enough, the Games were exciting. I decide it's nothing a hammer and drill can't fix. Then we get to the rivets...rivets, are they kidding? We don't have a rivet gun....I get one from mum's work, parts missing.
The next day we ask at several hardware and tool stores if they sell the parts, no, you need to buy a new rivet gun. So we do. We get home, do the 6 rivets and start assembling the whole thing. Now nothing matches up, we start to think we have half the panels upside down...recheck. No its right according to booklet. Hmmm. By now I had broken the drill bit (it wasn't designed for drilling metal), not discouraged I pick up the hammer and a tiny screwdriver. Hello hole punch!! :) Holes punched thru tin to match the ones in the harder metal all works great and we finally have our 4 walls up. By now we just looked at each other and declared the roof better bloody fit... it did :)
J secured the roof while I prepared dinner. This cool chook coop just took up 10 hours of our lives, I'm sure it shouldn't have taken more than 4. However it is done and we are extremely happy of our achievement, especially with all the modifications we had to do in order to make it all fit together :)
I hope to have three stunning ladies in it within the week, hopefully eggs soon after.

What else is news....
E and I put vegetable seeds out in the garden over the last two weekends, we have peas already poking through along with year round carrots and beans. E got a little ahead of me and can't recall what else he put in there :)
Garden #2 will be build the weekend after Easter, I'm planning on brussel sprouts, container pumpkins, spinach, more carrots, peas etc

A few weekends ago E went to stay with his Aunt and Uncle for a night...they threw him off a cliff!
My mother was only too happy to sign his permission slip.....what a family :)
Where was I? At home making a huge life decision, full of worry I was getting it all wrong....and there my baby was Hang Gliding! Hehehe.

I'll try get the video footage up in my next blog see him run and then, hesitate! lol

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Give me colour!

In recent times I have realised I've finally started to embrace colour. My inner goth is letting in a rainbow of bright bursting shades of every hue. Now normally I wear black, probably about 90% of the time in Winter and about 80% in Summer months. I even tend to knit in darker shades, colours I can hide behind.
Now I crave some colour, I want to wrap myself in bright reds, purples, greens, pinks (who knew!) and blues. I did some dyeing recently, a lovely turquoise blue skein of Knit Picks Bare wool/silk blend, it's so pretty I don't know what to do with it :) I also dyed another skein a lovely red, Waratah red actually. I'm either growing up or pregnant..I vote growing up :)

This is the Knit Picks I dyed red with the first installment of sock yarn from Needlefood Sock Club, pretty pretty :) As soon as I opened the parcel and saw the colours I fell in love with it. I can't decide between Ulmus or Faraway, So Close (even thought I am spinning yarn for this shawl, I can have two, right?). All I know is I want to wrap it around me ASAP.

The picture below is a scarf I am working on for Jake, he asked me to knit him one in dark purples, which sadly my camera washes out. It's done in waffle stitch, quick and easy and I really like the effect.

While surfing Ravelry I came across a blanket done in crochet flowers like the one pictured below. I had to give this is go and this flower is the result. Once I have finished crocheting together Mum's knitted fish blanket I just might order some Bendigo yarns and make myself a bright and colourful Hawaiian Flower Blanket to piece together over the cooler months.

However I should finish my bright cheerful shawl, Revontuli in Kauni yarn as shown above. How funky are those colours? This yarn was gifted to me by a lovely Raveller who knows things have been a little emotionally tough here of late. I have to say I didn't know how I'd go with this yarn as it's quiet rough, but I am really enjoying the texture. Let's hope it softens up once it's had a bath. As I was working on it this morning and getting lost in the colour change I suddenly wondered what it would be like in a wool silk blend... delectable I am sure!

The other things on my needles..the cabled lace vest I mentioned in my last post. However, the lace is doing a big lean to the right, I don't know if once it's block it will be fine or continue to "wrap" around me :S It's now hibernating til I can work it out.
I also have some Sean Sheep Rockbank in Hibiscus (pinks) on the needles, it's a self fringing scarf for me. I'm knitting it in the round, with 20 stitches between 2 twisted stitches, I will cut down the centre when I am done knitting it and unravel the 10 stitches each side and block. Self fringed scarf done and so simple.
I am also working on a roll top sock, the first of the two was completed in Jan 2008, once this one is off the needles it will be my first ever hand knitted by me socks :) I already have one pair which Fiestywench knit for me last year, which I adore and don't want to wear out, hence the casting on of my second sock. I don't think I will even be a big sock knitter, but occasionally a pair of anklets might be in order :)