Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chooks and WIPs Along

The green hat you see here is Everglade by Woolly Wormhead, excuse my mugshot, it's a beautifully written pattern. Within hours of finishing this one I cast on another, which will be black. My adorable but goofy son put this on over the top of his hoodie and has stretched it, so it's going for another bath soon to hopefully fix that.

Revontuli is done :) I will try get a better pic soon, when we find the sun again. I won't complain as I am enjoying the much cooler weather. There was a knot going from the lovely sunburnt orange to the bright lime green, I had to wind off 36g to match it back up again, thankfully it could be matched up. I am thinking of putting Indian bells on the tips, hippy it up more :)

A week ago I picked up these lovely ladies, Hi-Line Browns. They should start laying anytime now and when they do it's one egg a day generally.
Yesterday I paved under their coop to help with keeping it clean, then lay down straw. I will get some river sand to lay down instead, just used what I had on hand at the time.
Yesterday while I was busy they munched on baked pumpkin, boy did they dig in! We give them scraps and so far they seem to appreciate it.
We got them just before school broke up for Easter, which was great timing, E has loved sitting out the back with them...I too and guilty of this :) Awesome time wasters.

I cleaned up my WIPs box, its just a small 10 litre red plastic container, nothing special. It was overflowing...9 WIPs in total, including the Revontuli shawl above. Well 9 is just nuts for me, so I started a thread on OTF (Rav) to encourage others to sweat it out with me and finish our WIPs.
My Heather Hoodie Vest had been cast on and only 2.5" of ribbing done on the back piece, which is now done. Today I have cast on the left front and hope to have that done by tomorrow. Of course my knitting mojo is usually killed off while J is here, I need to be social :S
I have eliminated the XO cables, not my thing. Instead I am thinking of keeping the channels where the XO's go but leave it plain until I get to the top, above boob level and do an Owl...just for something different. I hope to have this project all done within the week...ok 2 weeks :)
The next WIP to finish is Mum's Aeolian, IF I can ever work out what I have done wrong, if not I will rip it back and either start again or make her a different shawl. She will have a shawl!

Right, back to that hoodie!

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Lynne said...

Nice hat - hope the bath helps.

I love the way the colours work in the shawl.

An egg a day! WM and I could never keep up with that kind of supply. We're lucky if we use a dozen a month!