Friday, April 23, 2010

WIPing Along - Still.

WIPing Along - Still.

Slow but steady wins the race, right? Lord I hope so.
I'm still plodding along on my Heather Hoodie Vest, if you could call it that, since I am just using the basic shape of the piece. I'm on the right front with both back and left front completed. Once its done I will block each piece, sew it up then pick up the stitches for the hoodie and button bands.
I hope to her have completed within the week as no J this weekend means I can knit as much as I like. Besides I have two appointments to attend today, one in which E is busy and I get to knit for an hour.
I've done both squares for the swap and will be posting those out today to Miss Sandybags.
I decided to go with one plain and one lace, I was going to jazz up the plain square with buttons etc, but she has a little one and I don't want to send something unsafe into her home.

I've had my eye on some cute fingerless mitts in someone's projects on Rav, there is no pattern. So, Vintagegrrl and I sat there for a few hours and roughly worked out how it went, then VG opened a book and there it was, harrah, We only had to change one little stitch :) I of course cast on to see if the mitt would work...but then I was good and put it to one side, other wips to finish first! :)

I had a bit of a "stuff the world" moment on Monday and felt down and out, so went on a spending spree. First it was Bendigo Woollen Mills for some Rustic for a blanket I want to knit, colour Radiant (red), also some single skeins. Luxury in Leaf 4 ply, Classic in Berry red and Mallard in 5 ply for a couple of shawls/scarves. For some time now I have wanted a few more cables for my Knit Picks tips, so Knitting Inspirations was next! I bought some cables, some clear tips in 4mm, packet of cable connectors, a set of DPNS 4mm and some yarn, Fleece Artist Trail sock in Topaz and BFL in Wine....well they sent me the right colours but the Wine was also in Trail not the BFL....anyways, it is still pretty, maybe I should tell them the mistake? Was no price or yardage difference.

Chicken Update: our girls are doing well, laying an egg each per day, unless I lock them up around laying time and totally put them off for the day, oops. They are a joy to have and they come now when I call chook chook chook, or if they hear the back screen door open :) They happily follow us around the yard as we do gardening...even the mower doesn't bother them. The eggs started around the 42/43grams now most are around 49/52grams...holy cows batman, I just went out to collect the eggs and we got a 56g, monster egg:)

Hopefully pics next time of finished projects, would be nice :)


Anonymous said...

Well done on you temptation. Can't wait for photos.

Lynne said...

What a lovely way to "Stuff the world"! LOL