Sunday, July 25, 2010

A birthday and some shawls

July has been a busy month here, E turned 13 and we had a small party, with his mates dropping in for food, cake and all night gaming. He had a lovely time, lots of laughs with the boys just all being typical loud teenage boys. He is laughing his butt off as we sang Happy Birthday. Don't you just love the chocolate cake :)

I stopped working on my Feather and Fan blanket/shawl (shown below) to work on a test pattern. Salsa Roja by Celia on Ravelry. It was knit in 4ply Cashmerino by The Knittery and the edge finished of with some Ranco. I enjoyed this shawl and it was a quick and intuitive knit.
The Feather and Fan Shawl from A Gathering of Lace. This I am in love with :)
It has been knit in 8ply Bendigo Rustic in Radiant. I really enjoyed knitting this shawl, the flower motive took some concentration, the feather and fan section took barely any. You knit 3 rows to every one patterned row, TV knitting, simple. I have only blocked the flower motif at this point as I don't have an area large enough to fully block her. Until now that is, we are about to rip the carpet out of my room, so I will block this baby before it ripped up :) I'll add a photo later of her fully blocked.
In Sept I have a wedding to attend in Wollongong. Now it's bound to still be pretty chilly at night so I decided to knit Summer Dew. I am using 3 ply Bendigo Luxury and adding some clear silver lined beads. So far it's an enjoyable knit. The plan is to knit this, then dye it once we know what we are going to wear. I was gifted this pattern by a friend who knows this year has been a rough one. Thank you :)

More pics next blog post.
Keep smiling :)

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Vintage Grrl said...

All the knits are stunning. I can't wait to see the F&F fully blocked :D

And Happy Birthday E!!! :D