Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ch ch ch ch Changes!

Where to begin, so much has been going on here it's like a circus freak show with a hundred of those magic mirrors, everywhere you look something is different.

Let's zip back to a month ago. E had to see a pediatrician, after several tests he decided E needs to go to Occupational Therapy (OT). I got a letter from the OT people and holy moley its a LOT of money. As in $480 just to start of with, that kind of lotta money. Years ago when I was on approx $700 a week take home I wouldn't have even hesitated, but being on a humble pension I was stunned. Each session there after is another $140, fark! I decided to look around, see if public OT was available, NOPE, why? Cause he is in High School and this should have been picked up and done by the time he was in Year 2, ooooh right. You mean when I was saying to the school something is a miss and they told me no there wasn't. Right. Well. No use dwelling on that. He is booked in next month to do the assessment.
Then I get a phone call to "come collected your son, he has been suspended". WTF? My first question was "he ok?" followed by "what did they do to him this time?". It was a stand in Deputy for the day, I arrive and E bursts into tears cause he is suspended and it will go on his record. He was devastated. In front of the Deputy I told E no more tears, I am not angry at him and if he did hit the other kid I was damn proud of him for finally sticking up for himself. Hoping that just doing it once would be enough for these kids to sit back and realise he won't always take their shit. Turns out half his class were pushing him from one kid to another, he told them to stop but they kept going and eventually he started to fall. He tried to grab a pole but accidently got a kid across the face, this kid then started to punch and kick him. Half the class reported E hit him, the rest said no. Because it wasn't clear he got a 2 day suspension.
On the day he was to go back we had to have a meeting, regular Deputy was back. Personally I think this man is a douche, but anyway. We go in and have a talk, he makes out like E did wrong so I spoke up and asked why he hasn't been dealing with these kids for the last 6 months, we complain often enough. He told me he had been working with E, E had no idea what he was talking about. When E was told he could go back to this class he just put his head down and cried. I told Mr McM to put him in another class, they separated a few bullies earlier in the year, surely they could put E into a better class. He said No, then after watching how upset E was for 5 mins he changed his mind. Only to ring me 2 days later and say No again. This from a man who didn't suspend a kid that hit E cause he was in full uniform and seemed like a good kid. Right.
E came home with me.
A week later he was pulled from the school and now does his learning online. Distance Education were all his classes come from teachers at Marsden Park Christian School. He is enjoying it well enough and I spent most of my days now helping him get through the material. Thankfully they like to use videos in the form of lessons/tutorials, great for a kid who is dyslexic. It's a lot of work for both of us and right now the housework is lacking as I work out how to fit it all in. I think it's worth the current chaos if it means I get my happy funny kiddo back, not the sullen, depressed child I've had to deal with for 6 months.
Other news.
I've knit Summerflies and Annis, both are blacked and I took some photos but I am waiting for Emma to arrive this weekend to get better pics. So I will have those up in my next post.
We have built a few extra gardens here the last few weeks and hope to fill then with tonnes of veggies once I have the seeds in my hot little hands. My broad beans have loads of flowers so it can't be long til I get beans, if not, it's green manure. Sweet :)
We hope to get to a point where we are only buying fruit or veg we can't grow here such as bananas and grapes. Right now we are feasting on silverbeet, lettuces, beetroot greens and chives. he onions are growing well and the beets should be ready in the next month for pulling up. Fresh beets, oh yum! The peas have been pulled and E has planted about 30 seeds in his tiny plot, which has all come up in one little area, LOL.
I'll get some photos up ASAP.
Right, keep fingers crossed my car passes rego today and that E doesn't need new colour tint on his Irlen glasses. Off to pick up his Text books for school, exciting :)
I'll try get some pics up next week at the latest.
Play nice :)

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