Friday, September 10, 2010

Babies, Weddings and Lost Mojo.

Since E started distance education I have barely knit a stitch, and now the mojo is gone.

I've tried around 10 different projects to get the knitting bug going again, but nothing!
It's frustrating me beyond belief. I've tried everything from garter strip to intricate lace, still no mojo. Then J's bed mate and partner had a baby girl on the 3rd of Sept, Aurora was 5 weeks early and approx 1lb. Teeny tiny baby. Even that didn't get the knitting bug into gear, though I have done the straps of some booties, now to find the gumption to complete them.
This weekend we are heading off to a wedding, I am not a fan of large groups, more so when the only person you know is your partner. My self esteem is pretty low at the moment, mainly because I've put on 18 kg in the last 6-8 months thanks to another medication change, grr. Seriously, one lot of medications I lose weight, next lot I gain. These are medications to ease the pain in my spine, but not pain killers. One type makes me crave, CRAVE sugar, yet I am not a person who would normally want sweet foods, I tend to go for more savory things. I do my best to ignore it or have a glass of diet coke to try quieten down the craving. The other lot just make me slow and sleepy. Winning combination huh?!
So anyways, fat girl, new dress, size 20 (I've never ever worn a size 20 before *cries*), room full of ppl I do not know, meeting all J's friends for the first time....excuse me while I go melt into a corner please. Maybe this is pay back for how he met my family, my Nana's funeral. We had only been dating month when that occurred, now its 15 months later and I am about to meet most of his mates at a wedding. Tonight I will met B, one of J's 2 closest mates, and I know he is really hoping we get on, B can be hard to get along with apparently. Moody artist/chef, Yay!
Bright side, it's a weekend away, E is staying with his Granny and Poppy. I'll get to go see Deb who I haven't seen since Bendigo 2009, maybe the knitting mojo will come back when I hang out with another knitter :)
My gardens are going very well, seeds have sprouted everywhere. The beans which are normally one of the first to sprout are taking longer than carrots which are normally one of the last to sprout. Everyday I see some new form of life popping up through the soil and I get excited. Even the Rhubarb seedlings have sprouted, but the two I am really waiting on and most excited about have no yet produced a seedling - Gooseberry and Tomato Currant Mix.
Maybe in the next few days they will germinate.
Last week one of the chooks seemed to be in la la land when I called them in for dinner and bed. Chicken Legs was seriously on another planet. I had to pick her up, heck her over and place her into the chook coop. Net morning I found an egg without a shell had been laid. I can only assume something had scared her or she was feeling poorly and as a result ejected the egg early. Thankfully I've heard of eggs being laid without shells before I even got the chooks, so no stress there. All seems fine now and they are all laying one egg a day. I do love those chooks, hours of entertainment.
Today we are expecting 24C (ohhhh yay some warmth!) and thunderstorms, another yay as I love a good thunderstorm.
Maybe a knitting photo next post. Come home my knitting mojo, you are missed.