Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Garden's Return

I am stoked! We are now eating fresh beetroot, beans and peas (shelling and snow) from our gardens. I've even had an onion, yeah it was a bit late, but it got there in the end!

I have several grape tomatoes fruiting and I think it's a Verna Orange also starting to form fruit.
I've just picked more Butter Beans and Stringless Pioneer Beans, I will gather the shelling peas again on Sat, this time I will see if we can get them onto a plate :) E and i picked some the other night, but only 3 unshelled pea pods made it to the kitchen, we were so excited we ate most of them outside as we picked, oops :)
I just love my gardens, they make me happy and I spend a fair amount of time out there picking off bugs, feeding them to the chooks and watching the foodstuffs grow. Definitely the best thing we have done around here was get the chooks and start our many gardens.
Now for some pics.

E is doing well in his Distance Education, I'm surviving as well. He is doing Occupational Therapy now to help him get better movement, which in turn will help with speech and energy levels.

I'm slowly getting knitting done. Working on Evenstar and Ulverstone stole when time allows.
Well, now I am going to go find a cool breeze to sit in, its only 27C but the humidity is through the roof! :P

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Nicole said...

I was wondering how you've been doing the other day. Glad to hear E is doing well, those beans look yummy! Homegrown veg is the best, it always tastes better when you've done it yourself :D