Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So we've begun 2011

The last 2 months have been all kinda of crazy. E and I were busy finishing up school for the year, getting last minute lessons done and sent in. We were so determined and one track mind on our tasks we actually finished a week earlier than when school finished. Another bonus to Distance Education :)

J was working and applying for several jobs, finally hitting the jackpot with a job within Newcastle University on the Central Coast. This meant many trips back and forth, organising his contract, starting days, orientation, looking at places to live etc.
We even stopped to look at a place on the way to the Snowy Mts to see his family for Xmas...thankfully on our return we found out the flat was his if he wanted. He took it, so over the weekend I moved him from Newcastle to Ourimbah. I discovered something about him over this move, he stresses WAY too much. When I got to his house to load up the car he didn't have much packed at all. As in, a few bags and that was it! I just had to stand back and bare it. When I am moving EVERYTHING is packed and usually 2-3 days before the move. Guess we do things differently. It's not that he didn't have time, he has had a few weeks to get organised...he just hadn't done it :) So several trips and he was all moved in, then last load I left him to unpack himself, I headed home feeling tired and sore. I was aching, my neck was so tense across my shoulders, not much was different yesterday. Today I feel a little more relaxed.
The lounge is going, that beast also puts me in a heap of pain so we went out and found me a single chair, just something basic but comfy that should help.
My gardens are inbetween crops, I have pumpkins galore growing, 2 tomato plants and some herbs - sadly most died while we were away, Mum said she watered it but the day we were coming home was just very hot and sadly killed off most of the tomatoes, the white czar bean (again dammit!) etc Then the massive floods of QLD, VIC and NSW (and I believe TAS was badly hit too, not hard much about their floods) hit, wiping out so much in it's wake. Ppl have perished, beast and crops..anything that was in the waters path was obliterated. I filled some gardens with as many seeds as I could stuff in them so we don't have to pay outrageous prices for basic veg. I've heard of places in QLD charging $9 for a loaf of bread and $8 for a litre of milk...that is profiteering not rationing! While I might happily bake bread for us, not everyone knows how, so shopkeepers overreact and do the wrong thing. Though I did hear of one bakery that baked bread for 24hours straight and sold the loaves at 80cents a loaf, free to anyone who didn't have the money, now that is how it should be! Both places are in the Ipswich area.
Tomorrow is Mum's birthday, I've knit her a shawl - Shaelyn Shawl for those on Rav - a lovely quick shawl to knit, easy and straight forward. This last shawl I tried to knit Mum failed, I was allergic to the yarn :S Hopefully she likes this one :)
Now it's time to gear up and get ready for the new school year, for us that means organising the "school room" again, we don't need to run out and get shoes, socks, uniforms, bags etc, just need to restock the stationary and wait for our textbooks to be delivered :)
I've cast on some over the knee socks, 4ply on 2mm or 2.5mm needles, either way they are bloody tiny!! These will def be a LONG term project, something I can knit while teaching E. Maybe I'll even finish Evenstar shawl this year :S