Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holy snap it's been a year since my last post!
I guess I should update huh.
Let's see....well we moved to the Central Coast after saving our butts off to buy ourselves a little 2bedroom cottage, which we just adore. We are in the process of building a new garage, hopefully that will be in by the end of May. That will be E's hangout zone...set up with his xbox, dvd's etc
I have put in several vege gardens which are feeding us and the chookers quiet well atm.
For Xmas J bought me a Maine Coon kitten, which he named Arwen. She is just gorgeous and loves to smooch and get kisses. Arwen and Garf are the best of buddies and are often found snoozing together or playing tumbles. She has the most fantastic lynx tips on her ears and tufts of fur coming out of her ears and between her toes. She is a jumper and Garf is seriously following her lead LOL She likes to sleep between our pillows and pushes her nose in under the corner of mine to sleep. We love her :)

I've just returned home from Perth, Dad had a heart attack last Wed so Joe and I flew over on the next available flight to be with him. He was bloody lucky - the paramedic on site (out at the mines) knows Dad and rang him to let him know what happened and to see how he was going. Turns out Dad's heart stopped and it took them 20 mins to revive him, the paramedic got to 20 mins and said "Fuck it, one more shot", which ended up being the zap Dad's heart needed to go again. His chest is badly bruised, he is very sore but he should be fine now. He had a stent inserted into a main artery and has been warned to stop brother took his cigerettes when we left :)

I'm still teaching E, so not a great deal of knitting going on. I have knit Norie (hat), Still Light Tunic, Line Break (Shawl) and some Cloudy Day leg warmers in the last few months.
On the needles now is Spire, a square shawl for my sortaSIL. I'll try get some pictures up in my next update, which won't be 12 months away :) Promise.