Sunday, January 11, 2015


Whoo, back online!!
Super dooper long story short...
J was a prick. Sold house and E and I plus animals ended up homeless for three months. Shit happens.
Bought a fixer upper than I can't afford to fix up out in the boonies aka Riverina, NSW.
We live in a remote town that had just mobile broadband, that sucked big time!
NBN arrived last month and BOOM! We are back online and loving it!

We are also happy be ourselves again, living quietly our way :)
Took awhile to find our happiness again but we have it back in spades.
Amazing shit happens when your true to yourself and take care of yourself rather than trying to do what someone else wants you to do. More of that later in this post.

We don't have big gardens just yet but hopefully soon. Summer out here is just too hot!
We do have a large variety of pot plants, mainly foodstuffs growing in the cat enclosure, aka front porch.
We do have chooks again, our last lot of babies including new baby Australorps went to live with my brother.
I don't currently have a craft room, but I do have a sun room that needs some love which will eventually become my craft room.

Our little house, 2 bedrooms, is a shit hole, no really. BUT I have done some work. The previous owners, are douche canoes and hid some major faults with this house...even the building inspector missed them :(
The day we arrived we found one bedroom floor had collapsed, they had the room full of boxes apparently packed and ready to move..bullshit!
6 months here and the bathroom fall winter! It gets to -5C here in winter and we had to go to the other side of town and use the caravan park showers. I won't lie, it was brutal!
So we now have a nice new shiny bathroom :) It is beautiful.
I then got the same builder to rebuild the bedroom for E...he now has the funkiest bedroom, purple walls, furry rug, black is beautiful :) And he got to have it just how he envisioned it.

So craft...hmm not much happened in the last two years to be honest. April 2014 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, yup that was a bitch. Hand and wrist pain stopped me from doing much. I won't go into all the medical dramas as it is a bit full on...needless to say I did a big change in diet to a "real foods" and my medical drama llama is slowly coming under control :)

Atm I am sewing a dress. Now I am not a big sewer, very much still a beginner after 25 years of sewing little projects here and there. Yeah, a skill I should practice more, esp since I have a machine.
After Christmas my Mum, Aunt and Stepdad came out to visit for a few days. So us girls got all craft crazy. I showed them the Tina Givens sewing patterns I have collected and want to sew...they fell in love with them also, so we went shopping. Really what else would you do? We hit Lincraft and Spotlight, both had a 40% off sale going on.
I came home with some cheesecloth type fabric to make my first dress, plus more to make another two dresses/tops/pants.
So glad I got the machine serviced two years ago, she is running like a dream :)

I have a cardigan about 2/3 knit, now that my RA pain is subsiding I am hoping to get that finished before winter. Everything Nice Hoodie in a plum colour. Hoping I have enough yarn left over to knit boot toppers also :)

I love layers, the more the better...well almost, don't wanna look like a bag lady ;)
I like the Lagenlook, Dark Mori Girl, Strega look..yeah look those up on Pinterest.
The clothes are hard to find here in Oz and super expensive to buy ($200 - 500 for a basic skirt or top, pfft), so I am going to spend this year sewing a few basic pieces. Here is what I want to sew...
5 skirts - 2 plain, 1 with a lace edge, 1 with a ruffle and 1 with multi layers
5 dresses
5 tops
3 pants
2 shorts
2 cardigans or jumpers

I also have a handful of patterns to knit up, but only 2-3..more if the body allows.

I figured since I am losing weight I am not buying clothes, will just sew up things that are adjustable, eg elastic waists :)
I have dumped 7kg already and still have about 20 to go.

This year I am concentrating on our health, confidence and happiness. After the last few years of being smashed emotionally and mentally we are determined to find our inner selves and bring them to the forefront, live true to ourselves. For me that means letting my inner hippy/bohemian/gypsy self out. She is a beautiful soul so why not? I am over looking or doing as society demands. I've always dressed that little bit different, but now I will embrace it. My hair I prefer long so I am growing it again, I even started putting some dreadlocks underneath, i's only taken me 25 years to finally just do it!! :) I hope our self confidence grows by being true to ourselves.

Rach, her hubby Alan and kiddies moved to Cootamundra in Nov 2014, I am so stoked to have familiar faces so close (90 mins away). We catch up about every 6 weeks, talk gardens, craft and kids :)
It's been hard out here with no family or friends nearby. Family are 7-8 hours away and the Sydney girls 5 hours. Living in a tiny town, approx 250 ppl, means no local entertainment except gossip, so I soon gave up going to craft group at the school. Yeah I just don't care for all the town gossip. Happy news is great, the rest of it, not so much. I'm happier on my own in that situation.
Here is to more craft in 2015..I'm bursting with ideas, now to put them into action :)

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