Saturday, May 16, 2015

My sewing skills..

...Are shit! LOL
Yeah I am not loving the sewing atm..mainly because of the fabric I think. That and I clearly think I am the size of a hippo rather than say a baby elephant, so I cut out and put together the wrong size. While the armscye are larger on this style of clothing, when they are as low as waist level we have an issue :P
Not to worry, I know for next time.

I'm still searching for fabrics that I can handle sewing without it being a huge power struggle, but that work for this style of clothing. Lagenlook, ragamuffin, Magnolia Pearl etc
I will get there. I need new clothing so I better work it out :)
Down 12kg and my clothing is getting way too loose.

I haven't been knitting either.
Mainly just fixing this house...fix one thing, something else goes!
Again, getting there. Not tooooo much more can go wrong. I hope.
Anyway, I have just finished replacing burst pipes, the piers that were damaged and new flooring in my room (because we had to rip up my floor to get the the burst pipe..gah!).

So I have beautiful turquoise floors, light grey walls and a super dooper bed canopy to stop those horrid little blood suckers getting to me. The cats thinks it's for them, they love sleeping in the bed fort :)

One thing I have started again is drawing, something I enjoyed when I was in my teens. I bought myself a little cheap desk so I can sit and scribble when the mood strikes.
Enough babble..let me find some pictures

My beautiful bed - canopy, fairy lights and a scrappy quilt made by my Mum :) Loooove my turquoise floors :D
Mum made this quilt using all the fabrics she already had in her stash. It's so vibrant and colourful. PVC and sticky hooks hold up the canopy.
 This is my wardrobe...err and vacuum, yeah ignore that. So I wear lots of black apparently :P I still have to paint the skirting boards, shhhh.

My cheap tiny desk plus side table with art supplies...right next to my bed is my IKEA stool, complete with T2 coffee cup :)